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CORCHEM® 5402 Rock-Iron™

Product Code: C5402
CORCHEM® 5402 Rock-Iron™

ROCK IRON™ uses advanced proprietary technology from CORCHEM®. It is a unique high molecular weight polymer that is designed to be extremely tough with exceptional structural physical properties. It is reinforced with a select blend of angular aggregates. This two-component liquid polymer binder is combined with special aggregates to produce a high strength, very adhesive, fast set, moisture tolerant, durable surfacing compound. CORCHEM® 5402 meets the FAA-P606 requirements for bonding into concrete pavement airfield taxiways and landing zones.
The ratio of epoxy to aggregate can be adjusted to decrease or increase the viscosity for placement of the grout. Choices of summer or winter formulations are available to match environmental application conditions

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